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Becoming "Well" Educated

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About the course

This course is meant to engage school-based leadership – principals, vice-principals, department heads, curriculum leads, and teachers who play a leadership role in schools – in an emerging area of research in Canada: the psychological wellbeing of school staff. While we have seen a tremendous amount of work done in the area of students’ psychological wellbeing, there has not been a tremendous body of work done on K-12 staff wellbeing and its impact on education systems. Combining evidence, personal experience, and self-reflection, the course provides a basis for developing soft skills in self-management and for applying principles of self-development to day-to-day life in the K-12 workplace, with a focus on how school staff can improve their psychological wellbeing at work through narrowing in on aspects of their job that are within their own control. 

What's included?

  • 5 Units
  • 10 Videos
  • 3 Quizzes
  • Additional Resources
  • 1 Certification

Learning Targets

  • Understand the difference between  key terms related to wellness
  • Understand the cases to be made to support a wellness initiative
  • Consider research that supports the idea that it is not the interpersonal challenges faced by teachers with their students that is causing wellness concerns
  • Come to appreciate the importance of Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose in regards to motivating staff or becoming self-motivated
  • Learn to use two simple strategies that allow for the evaluation of classroom practices to be viewed through a wellness lens
Meet the instructor

Grant Frost

Grant Frost is an educational commentator and a teacher of almost 25 years. He spent 10 years working in various First Nations communities before moving to Halifax where he has held a number of positions including school-based program co-ordinator and department head. He frequently writes articles for local, regional and national publications.

You will find his commentary on all things educational at
Patrick Jones - Course author
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