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Critical Media Literacy

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About the Course

This course takes the form of several facilitated discussions between the instructor and a small group of K-12 professionals about how we view and absorb television, music, social media, and other popular culture using contemporary case examples. As a student taking this course on EdCan Academy, you will have the opportunity to observe these discussions while analyzing the various ways in which media is perceived, as well as the methods used to critically analyze how media is used and to what ends. The goal of this contextual way of course delivery is to simultaneously prompt those who work with children and youth to consider impacts beyond the classroom while questioning bias implicit in and through media in ways that inspire us all to confront economic, political, and social challenges in today’s world.

What's included?

  • 5 Units
  • 6 Videos
  • 5 Quizzes
  • Additional Resources
  • 1 Certification

Learning Targets

  • Understand contradictions in Canadian education from multi- and interdisciplinary perspectives
  • Make observations which engage ideas from the suggested readings, viewings, and in-class case examples
  • Connect theoretical discussions with contemporary realities in schools, communities, and societies

  • Observe how dialogue and collaboration can produce shared knowledge and demonstrate inclusiveness of diverse opinions
  • Begin considering ways to design and implement activities and discussions with children and youth to support their critical media literacy
Meet the instructor

Dr. Shirley Steinberg

Dr. Shirley R. Steinberg is Research Professor of Critical Youth Studies in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. An internationally known lecturer and author, her areas of research include youth leadership, critical media literacy, media studies, social justice, diversity and inclusion, and critical pedagogy. She is the director/writer of several films, her newest film is the award-winning Elders’ Room, a collaborative project with Kainai First Nations High School students and counsellors. She is the founder of, an international organization dedicated to critical pedagogy. Her work has been awarded both national and international awards.
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