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K-12 Wellbeing Leadership Cohort

If you are interested in the content of this course and would like to engage with and learn from other districts, consider the K-12 Wellbeing Leadership Cohort. This 8-week facilitated program will help you foster a collaborative, systemic approach to workplace wellbeing.

About the Course

With modules delivered by Canadian school district leaders and subject matter experts, this course prepares education leaders – including school district leaders, wellbeing leads, school principals, and teams – to undertake a systemic approach aimed at sustainably improving employee wellbeing which contributes to a more positive school environment for students. The course consists of bite-size learning modules that are accompanied by additional resources and services which provide gateways to deeper learning and customized support. Broad topics of discussion will include the rationale for taking action on workplace wellbeing; how to approach systemic work; and who to involve in workplace wellbeing transformation efforts with considerations for local contexts.

How this course is structured

  • Modules 1-3 provide the rationale for taking action on workplace wellbeing, what it looks like, and their role in leading the work. 
  • Modules 4-7 provide an overview of how to approach systemic workplace wellbeing work, who to involve and considerations for their local context. They are especially useful for wellbeing leads or teams or others actively involved in leading workplace wellbeing work.
  • Module 8 looks at workplace wellbeing from the perspectives of education stakeholders in a variety of roles. It is relevant to senior leaders, wellness leads and teams, and others interested in gaining a deeper understanding of workplace wellbeing in K-12 education in Canada.

What's included?

  • 8 Modules
  • Short Knowledge Quizzes and Self-Reflection Activities
  • Additional Resources
  • 1 Certificate of Completion

Learning Targets

    • Explain the benefits of a healthy workplace and recognize that systemic change is central to fostering and sustaining workplace wellbeing
    • Differentiate between individual approaches and systemic changes to foster workplace wellbeing, while being able to identify potential collective and systemic strategies to implement in your own workplace context
    • Explain why workplace wellbeing requires ongoing mutual effort and commitment to create and sustain, and be able to identify and recruit key partners and collaborators to promote workplace wellbeing
    • Increase capacity to develop a plan to gather relevant information and feedback on the current perceptions of workplace culture and wellbeing, and communicate your key messages to engage relevant stakeholders and to build momentum towards taking action
    • Recognize the different perspectives and priorities of all stakeholders in fostering workplace wellbeing

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Meet The Instructors

Patrick Jones - Course author

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner’s career has included classroom teacher, special education teacher, Vice Principal, Principal, District Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent and District School Psychologist. She completed an Undergraduate in Special Education and a Master’s in School Psychology. Currently, Jennifer is a Doctoral Candidate in Education Leadership, with her topic of focus being Finding the strength: System Leadership of Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in one British Columbia School Division. 

Jennifer is the former Superintendent of Schools for Fort McMurray Public Schools in Fort McMurray, Alberta and is currently Director, Wellbeing in Education at the University of Calgary. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Mary Ann Baynton

Mary Ann Baynton is the principal of Mary Ann Baynton & Associates where she consults with all levels of government and a diverse range of organizations including unions, associations, and institutions across the country. Her areas of expertise include workplace mental health, psychological safety, resolving conflict, and addressing performance concerns.

Mary Ann is an advisor to both Mindful Employer Canada and My Workplace Health and serves as the Director of Collaboration and Strategy for Workplace Strategies for Mental Health which produces free resources for all Canadians compliments of Canada Life. She has contributed to many committees including with the Workforce Advisory Committee for the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, and was co-chair of the technical committee for the development of the National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Claire Guy

Claire Guy is an experienced education systems leader, a champion for mental health and inclusion. She brings a wealth of experience supporting Indigenous, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI), English Language Learning, Diverse Abilities and Disabilities, and Anti-Racism education. Claire brings this lens to all her leadership activities as she works to promote equity, focusing on the high impact strategies she initiated as Assistant Superintendent in her former school district in Langley B.C., and now from a provincial perspective from her role as Executive Director for the BC School Superintendents Association (BCSSA). 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Brian Andjelic

Brian Andjelic has been involved in teaching and education administration for 40 plus years. School roles have included teacher, counselor, coach and school administration. For 12 years, Brian was involved in central office administration as Assistant and Deputy Superintendent of Learning. He completed his career as Superintendent of Schools at Prairie Rose School Division (Alberta) in the summer of 2017. 

Education, leadership and wellness have been passions throughout Brian’s career. He graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Leadership and Administration. Brian has worked with the College of Alberta School Superintendents the past three years in the Director of Leadership Learning – Wellness portfolio, fusing leadership and wellbeing.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Christina MacKinnon

Christina MacKinnon is a Director of Innovation and Wellness in the Greater St. Albert Catholic School Division in Alberta. Her role is to support the wellness needs of the staff, students and their families, so that they are able to serve others while living fully and joyfully.

Before starting in her role in April of 2021, Christina served the learning community through her years as a teacher from 1992-2013, modelling and leading health and wellbeing through her role as a Physical Education Lead and homeroom teacher, as well as through her many community involvements, such as volunteering with the Kids of Steel Triathlon and organizing the St. Albert Challenge Relays each spring in St. Albert.  

From the fall of 2013 to the spring of 2021, Christina served her learning community through administrative roles, having been a Vice-Principal and Principal for several years prior to taking on her new role as Director of Innovation and Wellness.

As mother of three now strikingly brilliant adults, she has always modelled the importance of taking care of all wellness needs to live fully and joyfully. Christina enjoys running, biking, hiking and swimming, as well as competing in triathlons with her St. Albert Triathlon Club.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Dr. Charlie Naylor

Charlie taught in secondary school grades in Sheffield, U.K., and with unemployed youth in Melbourne, Australia. He completed graduate studies at Simon Fraser University (M.A.) and at the University of British Columbia (PhD). Prior to retirement, he was the Senior Researcher at the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF). He is an Affiliated Scholar with Simon Fraser University and has worked as Coach to three B.C. school district teams addressing staff well-being.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Mali Bain

Mali is a former high school teacher and has had the joy of working both as a teacher, in non-profits, and in philanthropy. She has a background facilitating diverse groups of stakeholders, and has had the joy of doing that work in places from Kenya to Newfoundland to UBC. She was a senior program officer at McConnell Foundation; in that role, she convened and learned from remarkable educators, leaders, and policy-makers across Canada. Mali is also the founder of NextGen Story: Custom Publishing.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Michael Bowden

Mike Bowden is Secwépemc te Pelltíq̓t and settler ancestry and a member of the Whispering Pines/Clinton Band of the Secwépemc Nation. He is the District Principal for Indigenous Education and the Administrator for the Indigenous Education Council for School District No. 73.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Izi Loveluck

Izi Loveluck is a former US National Board Certified Teacher, has taught in Canada for fifteen years and became President of a small, isolated, teachers' association in BC in January 2021.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Pam Rannelli 

Pam has been involved in K-12 education for over 40 years. She has been a classroom teacher, itinerant teacher for children who are blind or visually impaired, a principal, Director of Inclusive Learning, Assistant Superintendent of Learning and a Senior Manager with Alberta Education. She retired as Superintendent of Foothills School Division in Alberta in 2019.

Pam holds a B.A. and BEd from St. Francis Xavier University, a Graduate Certificate in Education Psychology from the University of Calgary and a Masters in Education from Dalhousie University. In addition, she recently completed a Change Management Certificate from Cornell University.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Dr. Christine Bellini

Christine Bellini is a former psychotherapist and classroom teacher. Currently, she works as an administrator in a public school in Ontario and is a part-time professor in two faculties of education. Christine holds a Doctorate Degree in education law and policy. She has been published numerous times and is co-author of an education law book for Ontario teachers.
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